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June 23-25, 2016
Brennan Pantazis at the 2016 Junior Men’s P&G Championships!
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2016 Region 1 Championships Results:
FIRST PLACE TEAMLevel 9 (15-18)
Second Place Team: Level 10 (15-16)
Third Place Team: Level 9 (13-14), Level 7 (11-18), Level 6 (7-10), Level 5 (7-8)

Individual highlights (top 5 in the All Around):
1st AA, Brennan Pantazis, Level 10 (16yrs), Gymnastics Nevada
1st AA, Vinnie Colosimo, Level 9 (15-16yrs), Gymcats
1st AA, Tas Hajdu, Level 8 (11yrs), VSSG
1st AA, Danila Leykin, Level 6 (8yrs), VSSG
2nd AA, Jack Matlock, Level 5 (11yrs), VSSG
3rd AA, Christian Jennings, Level 9 (15-16yrs), Gymcats
3rd AA, Hudson Harms, Level 8 (11yrs), Gymcats
4th AA, Armani Csizmas, Level 9 (15-16yrs), Gymcats
5th AA, Eric DeLuna, Level 10 (15yrs), VSSG

August 16, 2015
Gymnasts, Coaches, and Judge represent Nevada at the P&G Gymnastics Championships!
Emyre Cole with his coach Nalani Cook and Nevada’s Region 1 Technical Director Nat Hammond
Brennan Pantazis with his coach Jeff Robinson

May 30, 2015 – Summer Board Meeting Pictures and Minutes:

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May 2015 Summer Meeting Minutes

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